Culture tour in the Baliem Valley

Immerse yourself in Papua’s highland culture on a 4-day/3-night program in the Baliem Valley, home to the Dani tribes. This private tour gives you the opportunity to meet the Dani people and witness their traditional way of life as you wander through their villages, fields and scenic landscapes. The highlight of the trip is the captivating traditional pig festival, which provides a unique insight into local customs. You stay at a charming eco-resort built in harmony with the natural environment. This cultural adventure in the Baliem Valley is accessible to all, regardless of fitness level, making it perfect for anyone who wants to explore a part of Papua’s rich culture.

Tour Highlights

4 days/3 nights

From/to Wamena, Papua
$ 1.110
  • Per guest, for a minimum of 2 guests
  • Price in EUR/IDR on request

Daily itinerary

This is an example itinerary that can be customized to suit your personal preferences.

Day 1: Wamena Airport – Baliem Valley
Arrival in Wamena, visit of the local market and transfer to the Baliem Valley Resort

Upon arrival at Wamena airport you are welcomed by your tour guide and driver. On the way to Baliem Valley Resort you first visit the Wamena market. The market sells all kinds of things, but mainly local agricultural products. The Baliem Valley is very fertile and the fruits and vegetables are therefore very colorful and varied. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even try betel nut, a mild intoxicant still used by many Papuans today. Check in at the resort in the afternoon. Enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of the Baliem Valley from your bungalow. Dinner at the resort.

45 minutes by car. With local guide. Accommodation: Deluxe bungalow. Meals: full board.

The fascinating culture of the Papuan highlands
Hiking in the Baliem Valley

Day 2: Baliem Valley
Easy hiking in the Baliem Valley and first encounter with the Dani people

Today you drive to the southern Baliem Valley for a beautiful walk along the Baliem River. The trail crosses hanging bridges over the mighty river and you walk through fields of sweet potatoes, corn, sugar cane and you may cross paths with friendly pigs. You walk past Dani huts and reach the picturesque village of Seinma for lunch. After a picnic break, the walk continues for about 2 hours, surrounded by beautiful and wild nature. Return to the resort in the afternoon.

2 hours by car. 3-4 hours walking. With local guide. Accommodation: Deluxe bungalow. Meals: full board.

Day 3: Baliem Valley
Traditional pig feast

Today is a very special day as you are invited to a pig feast at a Dani tribe. You are welcomed by Dani tribesmen dressed and decorated in traditional costume. A pig feast is a special Dani and Lani event held on important occasions. The hosts begin the feast with dancing and singing. Then the pig is killed, traditionally with a bow and arrow, and slaughtered with a bamboo knife and stone axe. You see how the cooking pit is prepared with hot stones and field grass. The meat is cooked with sweet potatoes and edible ferns. Finally, everyone enjoys the meal from the cooking pit. In the afternoon you return to the resort and enjoy your last evening in the Baliem Valley.

The pig feast takes place in various villages. Precise travel times cannot be provided. With local guide. Accommodation: Deluxe bungalow. Meals: full board.

Preparing the cooking pit during a pig festival
Dani women during a pig festival

Day 4: Baliem Valley – Wamena Airport
Last day in Baliem Valley

Enjoy breakfast at the resort before being transferred to Wamena Airport for your onward flight.

45 minutes by car. Meals: breakfast.

The accommodation: The Baliem Valley Resort

Price & Conditions

Baliem Valley Culture Tour ● 4 days/3 nights ● from/to Wamena, Papua

2 guests

From/to Wamena, Papua
$ 1.110
 per guest
  • Surcharge for single room +USD 120
  • Price in EUR/IDR on request

3 or more guests

From/to Wamena, Papua
$ 910
 per guest
  • Surcharge for single room +USD 120
  • Price in EUR/IDR on request

Single traveller

From/to Wamena, Papua
$ 1.990
 per guest
  • In single room
  • Price in EUR/IDR on request

Price includes

Price does not include

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