East Indo Explorer is the latest chapter in a story that spans more than four decades of exploration and pioneering tourism.

About us


The journey began in 1979 when Dr. Werner Weiglein first visited Papua. Of all the countries and provinces of Indonesia he had explored, Papua was the most fascinating to him. At that time, he founded Dr. Weiglein Expeditions, a travel agency that focused on organizing pioneer tours in various parts of Asia, but mainly in Indonesia. He often traveled through Papua and made connections with its various regions. One of his favorite places was the Baliem Valley in the highlands of Papua.

Werner Weiglein in the 90s


Several years later, in 1997, the Dani people of the Baliem Valley presented Werner with an extraordinary opportunity: a rare invitation to purchase land in their territory, a privilege rarely granted to outsiders. Shortly thereafter, Indonesian President Suharto gave the green light and The Baliem Valley Resort project was born. Opened in 2000, our eco-friendly lodge in the highlands of the Baliem Valley was designed to harmoniously coexist with its surroundings and embrace the local tribes.


Several years after joining the company, Marc Weiglein assumed responsibility for this extraordinary project. He established Papua Explorer, the first and only foreign-owned travel agency in Papua, based in Jayapura. Papua Explorer is an official member of the Association of Indonesian Tours & Travel Agencies (ASITA) and specializes in adventure and cultural tours in mainland Papua. It offers visitors from all over the world the opportunity to explore some of the most remote destinations in this part of the world.


Historically, our expertise has focused on the more remote inland areas of Papua. However, our proximity to Raja Ampat led us to explore this area as well. Over time, we built lasting relationships and partnerships that eventually led to the creation of East Indo Explorer, a travel agency specializing primarily in Raja Ampat tours. In essence, East Indo Explorer marks our latest chapter, with a special focus on Raja Ampat. It is the continuation of a story that spans more than four decades of exploration and pioneering tourism. 

The team

Laura Sakalian

General Manager

Laura has traveled extensively in the Raja Ampat archipelago. Her wealth of experience and knowledge is the foundation of our Raja Ampat operations. 

Marc Weiglein

Papua Expert

Marc is also the CEO of Papua Explorer and the General Manager at The Baliem Valley Resort. With his extensive experience in Papua tourism, he is a reliable source of information and advice.

Matthieu Senmartin

Sales & Marketing

Matt has lived in Indonesia for nearly a decade and has worked in the country’s travel and leisure industry. He is a frequent visitor to Raja Ampat & Papua.

Ketut Medal

Office Support

With many years of experience in the tourism industry, Ketut is a seasoned professional. He works diligently behind the scenes, ensuring smooth operations with attention to detail.

Iwan Darsono

Sorong Handling

Iwan is our local representative in Sorong, the gateway to Raja Ampat. With him by your side, you can count on a seamless start and finish to your trip, ensuring you never get lost.

Siprianus Osan

Jayapura Handling

Siprianus has been an integral part of our team for nearly two decades. As our representative in Jayapura, the gateway to Papua, he ensures seamless coordination of your tour combinations.

Travelling with us

Hand-picked only

Our team has visited numerous destinations to select the very best accommodation and excursions for your time and budget.

We are here

Based in Indonesia, we work closely with our on-site partners. We know their names and shake their hands. 

Quality over quantity

Our selection is small and each product has been personally visited and assessed, ensuring an exceptional experience.

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