Terms and Conditions

*EAST INDO EXPLORER* refers to the Indonesian company PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER, a travel agency specialized in organizing tours in Indonesia.

The company PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER is based at the following address: Jl. Tegal Cupek No.22, Kerobokan, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia, and its registration number (“nomor induk berusaha”) is 2804220033361.

The booking terms and conditions are valid for consumers (B2C), individual grouped registries (GIR), and retail resellers (partner travel agencies).

**1. Registration and Payment Terms**

**1.1. Registration**
Registration can be made using the contact form, by email or by telephone and will be finalised upon receipt of the deposit. Registration for any of the trips offered by PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER implies unconditional acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

**1.2. Deposit and Payment Terms**
All prices quoted in the quote are based on the best available rate to date and are subject to change at the time of booking. Any quote is subject to change based on availability, and prices may be adjusted accordingly. This can affect the total price. Any costs incurred due to changes made by the client will result in a change in price (e.g., changing hotels, cabins, activities not originally included in the itinerary, or modifying the itinerary).
To secure your booking, an initial deposit of at least 30% of the total trip price is required at the time of registration.
No firm reservation will be made until the deposit is received.
The remaining amount of the trip must be paid no later than 30 days before the start date of the trip or 60 or 90 days before departure in the case of a cruise. The invoice for the remaining balance will be sent after the deposit is received.
Both the deposit and the balance must be paid via bank transfer. Transfer fees are the exclusive responsibility of the buyer.
PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER reserves the right, in case of non-compliance with the deposit or balance payment schedule, to consider the contract canceled by the traveler(s) and to demand the application of cancellation penalties as specified in Article 2.2 below.

**2. Cancellation Conditions and Fees**

**2.1. Cancellation Conditions**
In the event of cancellation of the trip by the traveler, the traveler must notify us in writing (email) with acknowledgment of receipt as soon as the event triggering the cancellation occurs. The date of issuance of the written notice will be used as the cancellation date for billing cancellation fees.
In the case of an organized trip resold by a retailer, it is the retailer who assumes this responsibility by committing to provide the documents sent by the traveler(s) to the organizer.

**2.2. Cancellation Fees**
The following cancellation fees apply:
– More than 60 days before the departure date, at least 30% of the total trip amount will be retained (deposit).
– Between 60 and 30 days before the departure date, 50% of the total trip amount will be retained.
– From 30 to 8 days before the departure date: 75% of the total trip amount will be retained.
– Less than 8 days before the departure date, the entire trip amount will be retained.
If our partners’ cancellation conditions are more restrictive than ours, the conditions above do not apply. In this case, the more restrictive policy will apply. Any more restrictive policies will be communicated to you during the booking process.
In the event of cancellation by one or more members of a group, the price per person may need to be recalculated. Any refusal by the remaining registered travellers to pay the potential adjustment amount will be considered a cancellation on their part and the above cancellation fee scale will apply.
For group tours and package tours resold by a travel agent, if one or more registered participants on the same tour cancel their participation in the tour maintained for the other participants, the above-mentioned cancellation scale will be charged to the cancelling traveller(s) on the basis of
– the amount of the nominal and unused services at the time of cancellation
– and the share of the jointly used services of the booked trip (hire car, accommodation, etc.).
If several travellers have registered for a group tour or an organised tour resold by an agent and one of them cancels their trip, the cancellation fees will be deducted from the monies received by PT EAST INDO EXPLORER for this trip, regardless of who made the payment.
Any interrupted or shortened trip initiated by the participant does not entitle to any refund.
Before any refund, a letter of non-acceptance of reimbursement from the traveler’s personal insurance (travel insurance, liability insurance, credit card insurance, or any other type of insurance) must be provided to PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER.
Any refund process will take a minimum of 14 days after the contract termination, subject to receipt by PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER of the letter of non-acceptance of reimbursement from the insurance.

**3. Rates**

PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER takes responsibility for the tour from the specified departure point in the itinerary. Unless otherwise stated, international and domestic flights are the responsibility of the traveller. However, we can provide advice on this matter. The calculation of the duration in days and nights of our tours does not include, as is usually the case, the duration of transportation from the home country.
Rates can be set in Dollars, Indonesian Rupiah or Euros per person.
Our inclusions are as stated at the end of the program you received from us. This generally includes: transportation services, accommodation, guide and/or driver compensation (including their nights and meals), parking fees, and entrance fees to parks and visited sites (unless otherwise stated in the program).
Not included are: round-trip flights to Indonesia and domestic flights (unless included in the program), visas if required, specific insurance policies that the traveler may wish to subscribe to, drinks and meals not included in the quote, activities not originally defined, fees related to possible program changes initiated by the traveler.
All our prices are subject to change based on availability and updates.

**4. Liability**

**4.1. General Liability**
PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER is responsible for the proper execution of the services provided under this contract and is obligated to provide assistance to the traveler in difficulty. However, PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER disclaims all responsibility in the event of:
– Problems with local authorities, police or customs services in case of irregularities on the part of the traveler or problems related to the possession or use of prohibited products,
– Failure to present or presentation of expired or inadequately valid identity and/or health documents (passport, visa, vaccination certificate, travel insurance, etc.),
– Incidents or unforeseeable or unavoidable events of a third party such as wars, political unrest, pandemics, riots, technical or administrative incidents outside the control of PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER, bankruptcy of a provider, flight cancellations, airspace congestion, inclement weather, natural disasters, breakdowns, loss or theft of baggage or other personal belongings of travelers.
– Delays, cancellation or rescheduling of flights, domestic and international.
Delays resulting from the above-mentioned cases and any resulting itinerary/program modifications cannot lead to any refund or compensation from PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER, particularly due to changes in the initially planned trip duration or delays during an air stopover. Any additional costs related to disruptions (taxes, hotel, parking, ticket repurchase, etc.) will be borne by the traveler.
It is the responsibility of each participant to verify the validity of their passport and entry conditions into Indonesian territory. In case of failure to register (including for boarding delays), cancellation fees as specified in Article 2.2 above will apply. A passport is mandatory and must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your arrival date.
Each participant must also check if a vaccination schedule is required for entry into Indonesia. This specific requirement may change over time. PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER disclaims all responsibility in the event of changes in this rule. PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER can provide guidance to participants on this matter.
If an itinerary is not feasible, PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER will use the committed but unspent funds to propose an alternative itinerary to the traveler. It may happen that this amount does not cover all the costs imposed by this new itinerary. In this case, a supplement will be requested directly from the traveler or through their retailer. Refusal of this itinerary or price adjustment by the traveler will be considered a cancellation for which the cancellation fees specified in Article 2.2 will apply.

**4.2. Hotel Modifications**
It is possible that PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER may, independently of its will and for various reasons, but primarily due to unavailability, need to change the mentioned hotels without this constituting a modification of an essential element of the trip. In the vast majority of cases, the traveler will be informed in advance, and accommodation of the same category as initially proposed will be provided. No compensation can be claimed by the buyer. It goes without saying that PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER has no interest in this happening, and travelers can increase the chances of getting the hotels mentioned in the chosen quote by booking their trip well in advance and minimizing the time between receiving the selected quote and making the deposit allowing room reservations.

**4.3. Modification or Cancellation of Activities**
It may happen that some activities offered and indicated in the description are canceled, especially for climatic reasons, in case of force majeure, or when the required number of participants for the activity is not reached. In such cases, the organizer’s responsibility cannot be engaged, and refund cannot be claimed.

**4.4. Photos and Illustrations**
PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER makes every effort to provide photos and illustrations that give travelers an overview of the services offered. These contents do not engage the responsibility of PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER.

**4.5. Complaints**
For a complaint to be admissible, it must be sent to PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER by registered mail with supporting documents within a maximum of 30 days after the end of the trip. The duration of our investigation with the service providers involved will determine the response time. Please provide the necessary supporting documents for a prompt response.

**4.6. Applicable Law**
Sales conditions are subject to Indonesian law. Any dispute concerning their interpretation and/or execution falls under the jurisdiction of Indonesian courts.
**4.7. Proof in Case of Dispute**
It is expressly agreed that, except for manifest error reported by the traveler, the data stored in the computer system of PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER and/or its partners have probative force with regard to the orders placed. Data in electronic or electronic format stored by PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER constitutes evidence and, if produced as a means of evidence by PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER in any contentious or other proceedings, they will be admissible, valid, and enforceable between the parties in the same manner, under the same conditions, and with the same probative force as any document established, received, or stored in writing.
**5. Insurance**
No insurance is included in the prices offered by PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER. However, cancellation insurance is compulsory for all travelers. Diving insurance is also compulsory if the traveler intends to dive. This is the responsibility of the traveler.
Therefore, we ask our travelers to take out an insurance policy covering the consequences of trip cancellation or modification, flight delays, as well as assistance covering certain specific risks, including repatriation costs in case of accident or illness and baggage insurance.
PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER does not sell insurance but can guide travelers to a competent insurer in this field.
Please note that the insurance policies in force in Indonesia, especially automobile insurance, may not necessarily include all the guarantees offered in Europe, particularly in terms of liability, bodily injury, etc. We cannot be held responsible for this difference in coverage.
PT. EAST INDO EXPLORER also disclaims all responsibility for any theft or damage to personal belongings during the trip or circuit, which remains under your responsibility or should be securely stored (hotel safes).
Please also note that some activities, considered dangerous by insurers, are generally not covered by standard insurance policies. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fully covered in all circumstances.
By booking with PT East Indo Explorer, you agree to the above terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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