Maluku's Banda Islands

Embark on an adventure to the remote Banda Islands, known for their historical importance in the lucrative spice trade during the colonial era. Stay in a charming colonial hotel in Banda Neira, where the history of the Spice Islands comes alive. Follow the paths of early Portuguese and Dutch settlers, explore the underwater wonders of the Banda Sea, and trek up Gunung Api volcano for stunning views of the archipelago.

Tour Highlights

6 days/5 nights

From/to Ambon, Maluku
$ 1.150
  • Per guest, for a minimum of 2 guests
  • Price in EUR/IDR on request

Daily itinerary

This is an example itinerary that can be customized to suit your personal preferences.

Day 1: Ambon Airport- Banda Neira
Discover the land and sea treasures of the Banda Islands

Upon arrival at Ambon Airport, a short flight takes you to the beautiful Banda Islands. On Banda Neira, the main island, you find a charming colonial-style hotel waiting for you. With your guide, explore Banda Neira’s colonial homes and the historic forts of Nassau and Belgica. After lunch, head out for a snorkeling tour to Karaja Island, where you can witness the incredible underwater coral gardens that have flourished on the lava flows of Gunung Api volcano since 1988.

1 hour flight, 1 hour by car. Accommodation: Double room. Meals: Lunch.

Once more precious than gold: nutmeg
View on the main town of Banda Neira

Day 2: Banda Neira
Island hopping: Ay Island, Rhun Island and Naikala Atoll

Today, your boatman takes you to the famous Ay Island, where you’ visit a nutmeg plantation and Fort Revenge. Then, head to Rhun Island, which the Dutch traded for Manhattan in 1667, and learn about its amazing history. Finish the day with a great snorkel among thousands of fish at Nailaka Atoll before returning to the hotel.

Full day excursion. Accommodation: Double room. Meals: Breakfast and lunch.

Day 3: Banda Neira
Cultural excursion to Banda Besar

In just 10 minutes by boat, you reach the neighboring island of Banda Besar. With your guide, explore nutmeg plantations, an old Dutch cemetery, and the traditional village of Lonthoir. Your journey continues with a walk to the overgrown ruins of Benteng Holandia, which was ravaged by an earthquake in 1743. Beautiful views throughout the day. Head back to the hotel and enjoy a leisurely afternoon.

Half day excursion. Accommodation: Double room. Meals: Breakfast and lunch.

Local Kendari almond trees serve as a protective shield for the nutmeg plantations
Witnesses of the past can be found in many places

Day 4: Banda Neira
Full day snorkeling trip to Hatta Island

Hatta Island is renowned in the Banda Sea for its exceptional snorkeling opportunities. Here, you can glide alongside a diverse array of reef fish, vibrant corals, turtles, barracudas, and if luck is on your side, even catch a glimpse of hammerhead sharks! Enjoy the island’s picturesque beaches before heading back to your hotel.

Full day excursion. Accommodation: Double room. Meals: Breakfast and lunch.

Day 5: Banda Neira
Hiking Gunung Api volcano

A quick boat ride, just a few minutes, takes you from Banda Neira to Banda Api, home of the Gunung Api volcano. The earliest written account of this volcano’s ascent dates back to a Portuguese sailor in the 17th century! Although only 600 meters of its impressive 4,000-meter height are visible above the water, a challenging 1.5-hour climb leads to the summit. From there, savor a surreal view where volcanic landscapes blend seamlessly with the tranquil, turquoise sea. After the effort, it’s time to relax on the beautiful beach of Malole. Relax and return to the hotel.

Full day excursion. Accommodation: Double room. Meals: Breakfast and lunch.

Fort Belgica
Fort Belgica is a 17th-century fort in Banda Neira
View of Banda Neira and its airfield from Gunung Api volcano

Day 6: Banda Neira – Airport
Last day in the Banda Islands

After breakfast you are transferred to the small airport of Banda Neira for your flight back to Ambon.

15 minutes by car. Meals: Breakfast.

The accommodation: Colonial-style boutique hotel

Price & Conditions

Maluku's Banda Islands ● 6 days/5 nights ● from/to Ambon, Maluku

2 guests

From/to Ambon, Maluku
$ 1.150
 per guest
  • Surcharge for single room on request
  • Price in EUR/IDR on request

3 or more guests

From/to Ambon, Maluku
$ 980
 per guest
  • Surcharge for single room on request
  • Price in EUR/IDR on request

Single traveller

From/to Ambon, Maluku
$ 2.150
 per guest
  • In single room
  • Price in EUR/IDR on request

Price includes

Price does not include

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